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For over a decade, we’ve helped men and women in the Chesapeake, VA area overcome addiction to drugs and alcohol. One of the focuses we help people on is interventions. Hosting an intervention is one of the most effective solutions to get an addict into rehab. If you’re worried about someone in your life our treatment center may be right for them. Watching a loved one wage war with addiction can be heartbreaking, particularly if you’re a close family member. Nobody wants to stand by and watch their loved one suffer. An intervention can be the first step towards recovery for many. Our professionals are here to help. You may be asking, “How can I help my loved one get healthy again?” and “What should I do to get my friend drug free?” Although you have a good connection with your family member or friend, you are tired of making excuses for his or her addiction. You may be upset about being used by the individual. Or maybe you are upset with their behavior in general. There are steps you can take to get them the help they need. You can’t be afraid to step in: self-doubt shouldn’t stop you from acting. Contact the professionals today at 757-505-7102 for more information about interventions and how to start one.