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Alcohol Addiction Recovery in Chesapeake, VA

For over a decade we have been helping people recover from drug and alcohol dependency in the Chesapeake, VA area. We are very experience with dealing with alcohol addiction recovery. Our program assists individuals regardless of their age, circumstances, or drug abuse history. Each patient is treated as an individual. Our approach with each individual is different. We know that our patients want to get better and live a better life. Drug and alcohol dependency affect all areas of person’s life. It damages families, friendships, and relationships. Those affected by substance abuse frequently don’t know how to get assistance or who to ask for help. Fear and disgrace keep them quiet about their situation. Our culture often labels addicts as criminals and degenerates. These negative labels keep them in a cycle of fear and addiction. With nowhere to turn they continue down the path of addiction. Stop the seemingly endless cycle of negativity! We recognize that everyone has the ability to improve their lifestyle for the better by ending addiction. To speak with a recovery professional about the best way to end drug and alcohol abuse; call 757-505-7102.

What Types of Addiction Help are Available?

Addiction Treatment

Learn about how seeking treatment for your addiction can help you build a recovery that will last.

Detox Services

Detox from a substance is often a necessary step to take before treatment. Learn more about the detox process.

Intervention Services

Working with a certified and professional interventionist can help your loved one decide to seek treatment.

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